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Selling Your Georgia Home Can Be A Quick & Easy Process

Matallana Capital has been in business for four years right here in Georgia. Our business is buying and reselling houses. You see, we wouldn’t be listing your house to find you a buyer, we would be your direct cash buyer. We pay people like you directly in cash for their Georgia houses each and every week. You won’t need to do a thing to it in order to fix it up for sale. It really can be this easy!

We don’t ever charge extra fees for our sales or commissions such as when you work with an agent. There will also be no need to fix up the house at all before selling it to us either. We don’t mind a house that isn’t really “market-ready”. We are committed to buying houses “as is” or in their current condition. This means you can save yourself thousands of dollars when selling your house fast Georgia!

We buy houses in Georgia on any street, in any neighborhood, and in any condition at all. Get your offer started today to find out more!

What does “as-is” mean?

We buy houses fast Georgia. What sort of houses do we buy? Why, any at all! Yes, it doesn’t matter if your house needs just a few repairs or serious remodeling work. You can skip dealing with open houses and showings and avoid the endless parade of people throughout your house too. When you work with us, you can put down the paintbrush and you won’t need to call any contractors. We will buy your house however it looks right now!

What does an “all-cash offer” mean?

“All-cash” means just that, you can get paid in all cash or liquid assets! What is the benefit of this? You won’t need to wait for any approvals. We have our own available funds to pay you with. This means that our closing process is much faster than the others. Our offers are designed to help you part ways with your unwanted house as quickly as possible.

How fast is a fast closing?

Once you send in your information, we will look into your house right away. Your offer will be ready in just one day! If you like it, we can close your deal in just a week. And if you don’t want to accept? Not a problem! We are here to provide you with an extra fast and easy sale and offer you a great way to do so, never to pressure you. Compare this to the typical 30 or more days that closing tends to take and you can see why our offers are so appealing.

What if I don’t need a fast closing?

Here at Matallana Capital, we work with you on your time frame. If you would prefer to take your time to get through closing so that you can figure out your next moves, that is okay too. We can schedule your closing on whatever date works best for you, your house, and your family. We are here to be flexible and helpful partners.

Will I get a lowball offer?

Our aim as a business is to offer you as much as we can, but also to be fair to ourselves. We are absolutely transparent and upfront about how we get to the offer amount we will make you. Our cash offers are based on what we think your house could be worth once we make the improvements it needs and what nearby houses are worth. We will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions that you might have.

Is this even legit?

Of course! The entire real estate industry, like all the others in the country, changes constantly. We think that people all over Georgia deserve fresh and exciting ways to sell their houses. We are here to provide a great alternative to people that helps them figure out a faster and easier way to sell their houses. If you don’t have the time to deal with the listing process or the money to fix up your house first, you are in luck. We are here to make it easy! Our goal is to make you a cash offer, not make you accept it. So if you are even just curious about a potential offer, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and see if we can help you out.

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