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Quick and Smooth

“Hi I’m Tania, I had the best experience selling my house to Matallana Capital a month ago. The transaction was easy and fast. Selling my house for cash was the best decision I’ve ever made. This company does everything it can to make the transaction quick and smooth! Totally recommend.”

– Tania Bravo

The Easiest Way To Sell Your House Fast In Lawrenceville, Georgia

Have you been saying “I really need to sell my house!”? But maybe you don’t know how to get started. We understand. Our team at Matallana Capital has been working in real estate for more than 4 years. We have every tool in our tool belt to help you out. We know that you may be in a tough spot right now, but that is why we are here. To get you out of it. If you need to sell your fast and don’t have time to wait, talk to us. We buy houses fast in Lawrenceville.

Online Payment

Get a fair offer within 24 hours

You can save yourself a lot of bother and stress by selling us your house fast for cash. Request your free offer and you can see it by tomorrow!


Pick the date you want to close

We are here to be flexible. You can decide when you want to close, no matter if you want to close as soon as possible or a bit further out.

Real Estate

Sell and close quickly

We can get you to the closing table much faster than a typical real estate sale will. How fast? A mere 7 days!

We’ll guide you through every step of how we buy houses.

About Matallana Capital

Get to Know Matallana Capital

Matallana Capital started in 2019 to help families with problem houses or financial difficulties as well as acquire tangible assets to invest in. At Matallana Capital, we believe the house-selling process should be faster, easier, and hassle-free for Georgia home sellers. If you’re serious about selling your house in Ga, we are ready to make you a fair all-cash offer. Best of all, we buy houses directly from you and we buy as-is. You walk away without having to do any repairs. We’ll even clean out the property for you. It’s that easy and convenient.

What People Are Saying About Matallana Capital

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Quick and Smooth

“Hi I’m Tania, I had the best experience selling my house to Matallana Capital a month ago. The transaction was easy and fast. Selling my house for cash was the best decision I’ve ever made. This company does everything it can to make the transaction quick and smooth! Totally recommend.”

– Tania Bravo

Hassle-free and Efficient

“Selling my house to Matallana Capital which buys properties for cash is the best option for those who are looking to sell their house quickly and easily like me. This company is experienced and knowledgeable in the real state market in Georgia and they offer you a fair price for your property without the need for a lengthy negotiation process. Additionally, because they are buying with cash, there is no need to worry about the deal falling through due to financing issues. Overall, if you are looking for a low-stress and efficient way to sell your house I totally recommend Matallana Capital.”

– Daniella Acevedo

What are the benefits of selling your Lawrenceville house directly to cash home buyers like Matallana Capital?

Matallana Capital is here to offer people all over Lawrenceville and even anywhere at all in GA fresh options for selling their houses fast. You can enjoy paying no listing fees. Look forward to no agent commissions after selling your house. Our closing process is designed and ready to get you and your house going their separate ways as fast as possible. You can be free from your house in a mere 7 days! That is how fast we can wrap up our buying process. read on to find out even more about the differences between how we do things and how the traditional selling process goes:


Our Cash Offer Program

Sell your house fast to Matallana Capital

We’ll make you a fair cash offer so you can sell without the hassles and stress of listing.

  • Competitive cash offer within 24 hours – You choose your closing day.
    Tell us about your house, then we’ll carefully evaluate it with local market expertise and provide you with a fair, no-obligation offer.
  • Zero fees. Zero commissions. No closing costs.
    We charge no fees, no commissions, and we pay ALL closing costs.
  • No Showings – No Hassles
    We buy houses “as-is,” so there are no open houses, no weekend showings, and no need to fix it up first.
  • We cover repairs.
    Does your house need repairs? We’ll handle them. You’re not on the hook.

The Traditional Way

Listing your house with an agent

The amount of time, money, and stress involved with listing your house adds up.

  • The months it takes to sell add up
    Your home is costing you money the whole time it sits on the market. Some people just can’t wait 90 days to sell their house. Plus you don’t get to choose when you want to close.
  • Fees and commissions stack up. Plus closing costs.
    On average, 6% in commissions/fees are paid by a seller. Plus another 2% in closing costs.
  • Plenty of showings and disruption to your life
    Not only do you have to get your house ready to show, but the number of showings can provide a serious disruption to your life.
  • You could be on the hook for repairs.
    Depending on what pops under during the inspection period, you could be on the hook for repairs that you didn’t know you needed

Trusted And Reliable Local Lawrenceville, GA Cash Home Buyers

We buy houses anywhere in GA. We buy those houses in whatever their current condition is. We have a streamlined and simple direct house-buying process. You also won’t be stuck paying any closing costs when you work with us.

If you want to sell your Lawrenceville property fast fill out the form on this website to get your offer started. Have any questions about how it all works? Call us at 678-673-2712 and let’s talk about it.

Think seriously about selling directly to Matallana Capital. We buy houses directly from people like you each week. You really can sell your house fast, no waiting around for offers or cleaning needed. We will make it easy and stress-free for you.

Homes For Sale
Homes For Sale

Fast Closing Is Available – As Little As 7 Days

Tax delinquency? Are you avoiding foreclosure? Have tenants been late on rent too many times? Figuring out a divorce? Moving overseas? Ready to retire? Can’t afford the repairs that your house badly needs? No matter the reason, we are happy to hear all about your house and help you out. Did the house get wrecked in a storm? Not a problem, we will deal with remediation for you after the fact. That’s right, you can walk away scot-free and we will fix up your house. We buy houses directly from people all over GA each week. If you have a house you want to sell for any reason, get in touch with us.

It doesn’t matter where your house is in Lawrenceville, how fast you want to sell it, or what its current condition is. We will write you an offer right away!

Hear from Our Clients

Here’s what our past clients are saying…

August 23, 2023

How It Works When We Buy Houses

It is easy to get your offer. Call us at 678-673-2712 and let’s talk! Most offers are ready in just one quick business day. Homes all over GA appeal to us. Reach out to us to find out more!

Real Estate


Tell us a bit about your house. We will look into it right away.



Your offer will be personally researched by our expert team.

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You decide if you’d like to accept our offer. You can even pick your own closing date!

Benefits When You Sell Your House Fast To Matallana Capital

House For Sale

We buy houses directly from Lawrenceville homeowners for a fair cash price. Sell your house fast and you don’t need to bother with the listing process at all! In fact, we are interested in houses all over GA.

We are here to write you a fair offer. Yes, we won’t be scraping the barrel for a few bucks to pay you, we aim to make our offers as generous as we can (while still turning a profit ourselves).

  • We’ll clean the house – You never have to worry about cleaning it up for daily showings and open houses.
  • Sell as-is – Does your house need repairs you don’t want to make? Great! We’ll do the repairs for you.
  • No commissions (and we’ll pay closing costs!) – We don’t charge commissions. Our profit comes from fixing up your house and going through the hassle of selling it ourselves.
  • Fully confidential and private – Avoid having to share your information with agents, dozens of buyers, and the world on the MLS. Our process is fully private and discreet.

We will prepare your offer fast. Our team is local and in your area. This means that your offer will have the benefit of a personal touch and local knowledge and not be simply spit out of a machine or online database.

Choosing the right local Lawrenceville, GA cash home buyer for you

When you sell your house fast locally there are 3 options…


Option 1

List your house on the market with a real estate agent: From listing to cash in hand it’s usually 45-90+ days, hassles of open houses, commissions, and uncertainty.


Option 2

Sell the house yourself (FSBO): You’re doing all the work an agent would do, saving a bit of money but costing dozens of hours of time.


Option 3

Sell for cash to Matallana Capital: Avoid all of the hassles with listing on the market, pick your closing date, no obligation to accept our offer, no need to do repairs, and we LOVE the most difficult situations agents or other investors won’t touch.

Contact us and submit the short property information form and our team will research your house right away. Our offers are designed to be as generous as we can make them. They come with zero strings attached. We want you to have plenty of time to make the right choice for you and your house.

We offer free advice and information to people in GA. We know that it is tough to decide how you’d like to sell your house. So get in touch with us and we will provide a free service we call our Situation Evaluation. Let us know what you’re facing and we will let you know what we think your best moves heading forward are. We do this as a way to give back to our local community.

Learn about our process →

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Sell Your House Fast And Walk Away

We work with people dealing with all sorts of things in GA. Perhaps you own a house you can’t afford to fix up for listing. Or maybe you don’t know how to go about selling. Well, look no further! We here at Matallana Capital have you covered. We help out folks dealing with all sorts of situations, anywhere from condos that are costing too much to maintain, income loss or changes, to divorce situations. Let us know a bit about your house and we will promptly put together an offer for you. We buy houses in Lawrenceville, GA, which includes nearby cities and towns. We pay in all cash fast for houses in any condition at all. You won’t need to wait on offers or deal with open houses. If you thought selling your house had to be a pain in the neck, it doesn’t! We make it easy.

Our aim is to offer a simpler and more streamlined selling process to people in GA. Sometimes you need to sell fast. Other times, you may want to list and have a backup option in mind. Either way, you’ll be in good hands with us. We have the cash to make you a direct payment for the house you need to sell. No matter how fast you’d like to sell, we are here to help. In our sales, you can choose your own specific closing date. Yes, you won’t need to deal with jumping through the lender’s hoops, since we don’t need a lender. We have our own cash, and some of it can be yours!

We buy houses in Lawrenceville, GA. If you need to sell your house fast, connect with us today. We would love to make you a fair, no-obligation, no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose.